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December 27th, 2010

This is my own personal blog, written in English, in case you doubted I am a genuine Anglo-Saxon article, so as you can see from the date, the year is drawing to a close, and Germany has been plunged into whiteness, i.e. it has been snowing. It has been the whitest Christmas I can ever recall barring one Christmas I spent working in the Austrian Alps as a ski representative.

The good news for us English today is that we are on the brink of winning an important cricket match versus Australia in Australia and clinching the Ashes (look it up on Wikipedia as I can't be bothered explaining the intense cricketing rivalry between  the Poms - the English - and the Aussies). Cricket is a summer sport and this match is being played in Australia, where it is summer and very hot, though slightly stormy in Eastern Australia at the moment. But all the same if you had the money and you don't like winter in the northern hemisphere, you would be sorely tempted to travel there and bask in the sunshine, not forgetting the sun cream mind. Anyway returning to the cricket, the first match was a draw, we won the second match, the Australians won the third match, and England are in a very strong position in the Fourth Test match after two days of play... yes cricket matches do go on and on, for up to five days.

So that has been my first blog entry, I don't want to go on ad nauseum to begin with, as a) there are indubitably next to no readers at the moment, b) I am hungry and I want to dash out and buy some rolls to go with the soup I am going to make. Oh yes I can cook a bit, I am particularly proud of my leak and potato soup.

Anyway as I say I will log off, please get in contact if you have any questions concerning the English language, have any translation work you would like me to perform for you, or anything you want to get off your chest ....

Have a nice day, wherever you may be...

Best wishes,

Nick Watson 


December 29th, 2010


Hi guys, just a brief blog today to inform you England won the cricket after just 4 days this time. This means they retain the Ashes as they cannot now lose the best of 5 Test Match series, now leading by 2 matches to 1, one match was drawn, and there is just one test match to play in Sydney and as the current holders of the Ashes cup they will retain the trophy until the next series in a couple of years time in England. So good news if you are English, not so good news if you are Australian and care about cricket.

Anyway better get on and finish my next translation, the German business world has gone to sleep between Christmas and the New Year, and why not, but I do have a few little bits and pieces to complete. 

Have a nice day.

Best wishes,


Nick Watson


December 30th, 2010

So it is the day before New Year's Eve. The old year is coming to an end and the New Year is about to be ushered in. To be honest I don't like looking back, it doesn't help much. Today, however, I was going through a few things, I have a file full of references, certificates and things that I was ruffling through and you think about the past, how you got to where you are,  would you have done anything differently if you could, how are you going to achieve the things you want to achieve in the future. 

I remember when I was a youth, and it is some time ago now to be fair, even if I still delude myself into believing that I only look about 25 years old ;), and I remember worrying whether I would do all the things that were expected of me. Well yes I did scrape through my O. Levels - 8 of them (now they are called GCSEs) - I was more into running (athletics) than studying at that time. And I did get a few A.Levels, ok I retook a couple, but in the end I did get to study at university, and after a while I established myself  in the vocational world as a translator in Germany, a country that I had always wanted to spend a time living in for some reason. And this fact has always led me to believe that despite the fact I am definitely prone to laziness and periods in which I chill out, I always get my act together in the end, indeed over the past 10 years or so, I have become almost a workaholic. So essentially I am saying it is ok to relax, sit back, do nothing, reflect on things. Indeed it is very healthy. The stress levels drop, the oxygen absorption levels of the brain increase and you view things in a different, more objective and better light. My message to you readers for the New Year is be good to yourself, be good to people around you as well obviously, but also be good to yourself and listen to your body. Push yourself but don't push yourself too hard. Everything will be ok if you have faith in your own ability and have a positive mindset. 

Ok I was wanting to slag off Roy Hodgson as manager of Liverpool FC ... the club I support, but I chose not to. There are more important matters und er ist auch nur ein Mensch ... he is only human too.


Enjoy the rest of the day.


Best wishes,


Nick Watson


January 2nd, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed seeing in the New Year and recovered from any excesses involved!

I hope this is going to be a great year. I am certainly looking forward to the challenges of the New Year and to continuing to provide excellent translation services for all my clients. 


Have a great day and a great year.


Best wishes,


Nick Watson


January 8th, 2011

So a few things to report on in the world of sport.. England won the Ashes cricket series 3-1 and are arguably the best team in world cricket at the moment. Meanwhile Roy Hodgson erstwhile manager of Liverpool FC has decided to leave the club after all for a more than generous compensation package of several million pounds. Ex-Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has taken over at the helm and hopefully he will inject some passion into the squad. As I write Liverpool are losing 1-0 versus their fierce rivals Manchester United following a very questionable penalty call by some guy who I think is a supporter of the home side.

I am following the match now, so I will get back to you later. Liverpool pressing hard at the moment and they may well still get something out of this game. Let's hope so ;)

Bis später,

Nick Watson


January 11th, 2011

"Did you spill my pint?"

This is a strange form of greeting in Northern England when you brush past somebody in a pub with a beer in his hand causing some of the precious liquid to spill. It is in fact a rhetorical question, the " did you" emphasising the sense of fury felt by the injured party. It is followed by an invitation to step outside and for the aggrieved party to seek redress in the form of beating you several times around the head. The obvious thing to do when confronted in this manner is to immediately offer to buy him a fresh pint but it is frequently too late for this. A southern English gentleman might say " oh my dear old chap I am so sorry do let me buy you a new one". This may merely infuriate said beer holder all the more so if in doubt just leg it out of the pub and jump into any available waiting taxis that will hopefully whisk you from the scene of this despicable act.


February 2nd, 2011

"Well it's been a long time since I rock and rolled yeah"  in the words of the great rock band Led Zeppelin and it is also quite a while since I contributed here. I have been doing a lot of work which is a good sign obviously and "die Arbeit geht vor", work takes precedence as they say here in good old Germany.

I don't know which story to start with... the issue of the whole Arab world revolting against their autocratic leaders and the potential advance of democracy throughout the region, or alternatively the issue of Fernando Torres scandalously moving to Liverpool's league rivals Chelsea for a paltry sum of 50 million pounds and an alleged weekly salary of 175,000 pounds a week.... not bad at all. We did sign a talented 22 year old called Andy Carroll to replace him for some 35 million pounds and also brought in Luis Suarez from Ajax Amsterdam for 22.7 million pounds... Anyway that is enough talk about football. I think Liverpool will finish the season strongly and are better off without the moody Torres, who is also very injury prone. We will see. Football is like life, fairly unpredictable.

I hope you are all doing fine and are happy with everything. It is now the start of February and the metrological spring period begins in less than 4 weeks time so keep smiling and look forwards. 

Best wishes,


Nick Watson




March 21, 2011

Hi readers. Another long period of time has elapsed since I last contributed here. A lot of things have happened in the world since I last wrote. There is civil war reigning in Libya, and civil unrest continues throughout the world Arab world. Interestingly they call it the Facebook revolution as a lot of activities seem to be coordinated via this Social networking site.

There has also been a terrible earthquake followed by a tsunami tidal wave in Japan with the number of casualties estimated to be around 20,000 dead and 400,000 homeless. This is shocking news and their problems have been exacerbated by the fact that one of their nuclear power stations in Fukushima has been on the brink of meltdown the past few days and they are only just managing to control the situation at the moment. This has alerted a lot of politicians throughout the world to the dangers of nuclear power and Angela Merkel has temporarily taken 7 nuclear plants out of action to investigate how safe they are. I am personally in favour of the use of more solar power and feel we can further tap the resources of areas such as the Saharan desert and create huge solar power plants which can meet the energy needs of the whole of Europe and Northern Africa for instance.

If you want to write in, and express your views on any of these subjects, feel free to mail me, and I will publish the best contributions. There will a prize of EUR 10.00 for the best e-mail received by the end of May.

Anyway I just need to pop out now. The weather is very pleasant today in Ludwigshafen, the sun is shining and the spring has truly arrived.


Catch you later,


Best wishes,


Nick Watson





June 28, 2011

So a quarter of year has passed since I last wrote something, that is somehow tragic but anyway I am no enemy of time being a forward-looking aquarian with a passing interest in science and the future ;)

It is a nice hot day today, and as I am not too inundated with work today I will post a note here. 

Anyway who has been reading this blog, might have been surprised how I completely glossed over and failed to mention the Cricket World Cup that took place in March. Well being an England fan this is not surprising as they were hammered by Sri Lanka in the quarter finals by ten wickets... This was in the aftermath of dramatic defeats by cricketing heavyweights Ireland and Bangladesh I think too .. Anyway what the hell, it is not that important. Incidentally England have this summer gone on to beat Sri Lanka in a test match series and now face India later this summer. India are widely regarded as the best test match team in the world so it should be an interesting contest. 

I am always going on about sports in this blog, have you noticed? I am not actually all that one dimensional. Though I would just like to mention another current sporting event ;) and that is the tennis at Wimbledon. Local matador Andy Murray is looking in good shape and I have an inkling he may indeed reach the final... The major obstacle is Rafael Nadal, but he appears to have injured himself and faces a very difficult match versus Mardy Fish in the quarters, whilst Murray faces unseeded Lopez in his quarter final match-up. We will see how it goes.

OK that's enough from me for today, I will try and contribute something later on this week.

Indeed I can tell you what I am going to write about: alien life, and does it exist, now that is scary, and no I am not a scientologist ;)

Write in to me if you want to discuss this matter yourselves. In the meantime enjoy the summer sunshine and I will be in touch again soon.


Best wishes,


Nick Watson


 July 6, 2011

Very busy at the moment, but just a few lines on the subject of alien life. Scientists believe the nearest planet resembling earth and able to sustain life would be some 20 light years away and that is some distance. I doubt whether it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light and even if aliens could be bothered and were sufficiently advanced I don't think they would travel for possibly a hundred years to just take a look at earth and annoy us... It is just not very likely. That is my take on the subject, you are welcome to write in and put forward your own theories.. 

Have a nice sunny day free of alien interference.



Best wishes,


Nick Watson


September 15, 2011

Hello there, another 2 months have passed and it is time for a serious blogging contribution. In the summer England beat India 4-0 in the cricket test series and are now the number 1 ranked test cricket team in the world. It is the first time they have been a number 1 ranked team in my life so hats off to them, I am enjoying the moment.

On a more poignant note, it is now ten years since the World Trade centers were destroyed by a terrorist attack that was more or less televised live. I can remember the day pretty well as I had been working hard over quite a long period of time and was so tired that I took a nap and a rest in the early afternoon, it was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and then I switched on the television and thought I was dreaming, unable to grasp what had just happened as n-tv television showed pictures of one of the twin towers burning and then briefly afterwards another plane could be seen homing in on the other tower and striking it at an acute angle, causing the maximum amount of damage possible. I didn't know what had happened and can remember I was terrified that maybe the 3rd World War had just broken out. A truly horrendous spectacle and the 9/11 attacks killed over 3000 people. The rest is now history. George Bush launched an attack on Afghanistan in a bid to capture Bin Laden (wanted dead or alive) and destroy his Al Kaida organisation, and the ISAF forces are still in Afghanistan to this day almost 10 years later. There is no end in sight to this conflict and no likelihood of a rapid solution to the problems there, Osama Bin Laden has been killed but the organisation he reigned over is still active. One can only hope that understanding between nations and different cultures will increase and that we will start to live with the interests of everyone on this planet at heart and that no one nation will strive to achieve hegemony over others. It is maybe a forelorn hope but we all live on one relatively small planet and we should try and protect this small planet and its inhabitants. Bloody hell I'm almost on the brink of talking about the possibilities of alien life ;). 

Ok that was it for now, look after yourselves, your friends and your enemies and the world at large!

All the very best,


Nick Watson


November 9, 2011

Hello there, it's me again. I hope you are all doing fine. I just finished reading a book by Jonathan Franzen yesterday. It's called "Freedom" and it is really a good and compelling read. The only thing that disturbs me reading the works of modern day novelists, is the fact they seem to revert to the "sex sells" motto far too often, where adultery in marriage and affairs and fairly explicit scenes are included. Sounding like a bit of a moralist there but Tolstoy didn't need to revert to these devices did he? Graham Greene maybe, I am not all that familiar with all his works. Shakespeare? Well certainly not in that kind of language. More along the lines of:

"If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die."

Was he listening to Jimi Hendrix at the time I wonder?

Anyway I will stop there, but may resume this thread soonish, as there seems to be some mileage in it. But I will obviously not revert to the "s" word too frequently.


Take care of yourselves,


Best wishes,


Nick Watson




June 5, 2012

Hi guys and sorry for the fact I haven't blogged at all up to now this year. I was lacking the creative spark (which the English national football team also seems to be lacking at the moment) and busy as usual with lots of work and stuff.

But now I have been smacked around the head with a wet fish by the name of "creative inspiration" and I am going to start blogging on the EURO 2012 as a football nutter and enthusiast and fan, and any other noun that denotes a sense of exessive fondness of the sport involving the round ball, the football....  Every day until the end of the tournament I will be writing my own personal diary on the games, the teams, the results and many other things no doubt.

Tomorrow I will be concerning myself with Groups A and B. Group A contains Poland, Greece, Russia and the Czech Republic. Group B, the so-called Group of Death, includes Holland or the Netherlands whatever you want to call them, the Germans, Denmark and Portugal.

The first games kick off on Friday, 8 June and the first match is between Poland and Greece, at 6.00 pm. I am unsure who to support in this match actually as my wife was born in Poland and my Grandfather was Greek. I think Poland might just nick it, 2-1. The other match will be between Russia and the Czech Republic, I think that will be a draw. Anyway, I will be providing more detailed analysis and more biased, misguided predictions tomorrow. Read it, it might even make you laugh...... ciao tutti...


EURO 2012 Group A June 6, 2012

Ok guys here we go. I said I was going to preview both Groups A and B but I won't be able to manage it today as I am going to be working till midnight....

The group contains host nation Poland, former occupiers Russia, former country occupied by Poland and other nations in 1968 Czech Republic (ok it was Czechoslavakia back then (:P ) and Greece. So there might be a bit of tension in this group. Poland have quite a good side with Lewandowksi up front and fellow Dortmund teammates Lukasz Piszczek, the quality rightback and Jakub "Kuba“ Blaszczykowski, the busy midfielder who is also an excellent technical player. However, Greece have also proved a very difficult side to beat and are well set up by Portuguese coach Fernando Santos. They have few star players and no players whose name I can recall, I only know the guy who plays for Schalke... but anyway they are very miserly in defence and I think they might even pull off a draw against Poland in the opening game. Russia is managed by Dutch veteran coach Dick Advocaat who has been pretty successful with a large number of different clubs including Glasgow Rangers, but not including Borussia Mönchengladbach who fired him after half a season. He is supposed to be a bit of disciplinarian which doesn't go down well with a lot of these modern football types, who are sensitive and hate criticism and earn ludicrously large sums of money. Star players are Arshavin who used to play for Arsenal and Yuri Zhirkov who used to play for Chelsea if I not mistaken... They are a useful side and even though Russians are more interested in Ice Hockey where they are world champions, the Russians will want to impose themselves on this group. I think they will head the group as the Poles though a handy side will succumb to the mental pressures of playing at home, and fail to perform. 

The other side as mentioned above is the Czech Republic, they are not as strong as they used, but still have the excellent Peter Cech in goal and Rosicky in midfield. They may actually do quite well they are not far from home and will have great support too and I expect them to battle it out with Poland for 2nd place in this group.

That's it from me for today, I will be focusing on Group B tomorrow, so please tune in. I know quite a lot about all the sides in this group.




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